Paintings like cut outs of a movie about a childhood long lost

Martin Wickström, ”Paradiso (Out of the red)” Galerie Forsblom A play between light and shade on the facades of buildings, the park in the childhood town of Finspång, and photographs from an old family album. Glimpses from the skilled painter’s life and travels flashes by to the tones of Morricone’s movie soundtrack. I will begin […]

Fabulous hyper realism in a large format

”Paradiso (Out of the red)” Galerie Forsblom Three skilled painters are exhibiting at galleries in Stockholm. Birgitta Rubin suggests that you don’t miss out on Ulla Wiggen, Martina Muntzing and Martin Wickström. Martin Wickström belongs to the generation of post modernist painters that freely borrows expressions from pop culture and advertising, as well as pop […]

Top score for Lars Bohman!

Konstvärlden’s Göran Ståhle has chosen some of the most talked about exhibitions of the moment. What has characterized Martin Wickström’s art over the years has been his mixing of paintings, toys and appliances in the form of accomplished installations in which there has always been a search for a lost childhood, portrayed in a nostalgic […]

Banal as well as deadly serious

Martin Wickström’s Europe is azure blue. The large square painting that has lent its title to the exhibition depicts a part of a plastic blue wall panel from a toilet, probably on board an airplane or a train. An image depicting a holder for toilet paper and paper towels. Where are we heading? To Europe. […]

A personal grid in Martin Wickström’s “Europa”

“Europa”. That’s the name of Martin Wickström’s current exhibition. Europe – a notion swelling with signification. The earths smallest continent after Oceania. The name of king Agenor’s daughter according to Greek mythology. Or, as some people claim, a semitic word for “the land of the sunset”. Cries for help are heard throughout the continent with […]

A look over the shoulder

The extremes are what describe Martin Wickström’s imagery. On one hand the contemplative reflections from the sun on a house facade, the breathtaking mountain scenes and the nostalgic recaps from family albums. And on the other the muffled sense of war, the documentary elements with photos from the liberation of Paris and the commemorative plaques […]

Martin Wickström: “Europa”

An air of nostalgia. Martin Wickström ties together post war times with the present. Martin Wickström has throughout the years carved out an unmistakable air of nostalgia and pop art in his work. Defined by a sense of melancholy, but at the same time by an almost fetishizing approach to the painted surface. This is […]

The Ur-stage – the Unmade Model

An empty square. In the background a hot-dog stand, or more accurately a fast-food shack, a fairly inconspicuous construction but essential to complete the square. It is quite a dreary place, not to say palpably desolate, as though it were an unseen, mute area you would like to shade, add some movement to – or […]

Optimism for the future meets anxiety and war in “Europa”

The artist Martin Wickström investigates Europe in his new exhibition. During his research he found a connection between Paris during World War II – and his own grandfather. Martin Wickström’s new exhibition “Europa” is opening in three weeks. Paintings, installations and objects that are connected to the continent in one way or another. – The […]

Morning in Tombstone

Morning in Tombstone is the fourth exhibition in a series that began in January 2012 with Not Dark Yet (Angelika Knäpper Gallery). It was followed by Sunset Diaries (Gallerie Leger, Malmö, May 2012) and Moonlight Drive (Galleri Aveny, Göteborg, October 2012). When I studied at the Royal Academy we got a chance to visit the marine fortification system that is situated under Skeppsholmen. […]