A seductively cheerful surface

It’s easy to fall for Martin Wickström’s art. His paintings have the cool seductive tone of pop art. A beautiful, slightly kitsch surface, mixing sunsets with Hollywood movies Elizabeth Taylor style. Seemingly as easy to consume as the retro trends of interior decorating magazines and television shows, picking the goodies from a beckoning 50s and […]

A Solid Look Back

ELUSIVE LIGHT Martin Wickström’s gallery exhibition spans over several decades and is solid enough to fit in an institution.  The skillful Manhattan facade portraits are glowing. To publish your memoirs or diaries is starting to feel like a conscription. First there is the soccer star who speaks out. Then we have the misunderstood and mentally […]


Not Dark Yet. The title of Martin Wickström’s exhibition is referring to the nightfall. The nightfall, when  day turns to night and light turns to darkness, but also when childhood turns into old age. It’s nightfall in the city and nightfall in life. The exhibition consists of, to a large extent, a site specific sculpture, […]

Martin Wickström at Angelika Knäpper Gallery

The “vacation” from art that was advertised in 2009 by Martin Wickström has come to an end. He is back with an exhibition at Angelika Knäpper Gallery where paintings, models, ready mades, even the fat electric cables on the floor, sway to a silent yet present music. As often in Wickström’s art, there is a […]

Facades become canvases

Martin Wickström often finds his motives in the world of movies In the imagery of Martin Wickström, the myth constantly relates to both the reality of movies and the reality we see around us. The paintings invite us, figuratively speaking, to dialogues. Courageously they seem to draw our curiously exploratory gaze into their critically examining […]

He makes his own success

ENTREPRENEUR The artist Martin Wickström is now exhibiting a new show and publishing a self funded book. He is also contributing to the redecorating of the foyer of the small stage of Dramaten. “I guess I’m the wet dream of any liberal government, but I’m not sure if I like it”, he says. Martin Wickström […]

36 moments with Fuji when the sky cleared

Martin Wickström is the artist who makes a living by trying to sell the works of his colleagues to public companies. But now it’s time to show himself. The exhibition “36” is followed by a book where his well known artist friends contribute. Inside a showcase at the Angelika Knäpper gallery is Martin Wickström’s dad’s […]

Painting is living a good life in Malmö

The rumor regarding the death of painting is highly exaggerated. Caroline Söderholm is taking a tour of the galleries in Malmö, and according to her, painting isn’t even under the weather.  The health of painting is one of the more lingering discussions in the art world. Most recently  when Johan Lundberg, editor in chief of […]

Deep Layers Underneath a Polished Surface

The paintings of Martin Wickström contain more than what is first visible to the naked eye. Destinies take shape behind the photographically reproduced surface, always with a political consciousness. The water in Martin Wickström’s painting Cool Pool is perfectly shiny, and reflects the luxurious functionalist house. Everything is still, almost trembling, like a frozen moment waiting for […]